Mammoth Donkeys

Starfish used to live here!  Starfish was born in December 2016 and is a gelding.  He is now living in the most beautiful pasture with the most wonderful horse companions with the sweetest owner ever imaginable.  He is definitely the luckiest donkey in this universe!!!

Sand Dollar passed away unexpectedly in the Spring of 2019.  She was born in October 2016, and was a jennet (female).

I kept their “Baby Books” online.  I’ve read that Mammoth Donkeys grow in spurts, just like human youngins’…  🙂

Sand Dollar (deceased):
Date: 07/20/2017   Ht: 48″   Girth: 47″   Len: 48″   Wt(Est): 352 lbs. Ears: 12 1/8″
Date: 08/20/2017   Ht: 51″   Girth: 49″   Len: 49″   Wt(Est): 391 lbs. Ears: 12 1/8″
Date: 09/22/2017   Ht: 52″   Girth: 50″   Len: 49″   Wt(Est): 407 lbs. Ears: 12 1/8″
Date: 10/24/2017   Ht: 52″   Girth: 51″   Len: 49″   Wt(Est): 423 lbs. Ears: 12 1/2″
Date: 12/30/2017   Ht: 52″   Girth: 53″   Len: 52″   Wt(Est): 485 lbs. Ears: 13 0/0″
Date: 03/16/2018   Ht: 53″   Girth: 54″   Len: 52″   Wt(Est): 504 lbs. Ears: 13 0/0″
Date: 06/08/2018   Ht: 53″   Girth: 55″   Len: 53″   Wt(Est): 533 lbs. Ears: 14 0/0″

Date: 10/06/2018   Ht: 54″   Girth: 55.5″   Len: 53″   Wt(Est): 542 lbs. Ears: —–”

*Height (Ht) is taken from the ground to the shoulder.  Girth is taken from directly behind the front legs.  Length (Len) is taken from the chest to the rear end.  Ears are the shortest distance from her head to the tips (not an official breed measurement, but I’m doing it for Randy Jackson…  🙂 ).  Weight (Wt) is estimated by GxGxL/301.

Starfish arrived on October 11, 2017 (thanks Robin and Joe!) .

Date: 12/30/2017   Ht: 50″   Girth: 55″   Len: 50″   Wt(Est): 502 lbs. Ears: 11 0/0″
Date: 03/16/2018   Ht: 50″   Girth: 55″   Len: 50″   Wt(Est): 502 lbs. Ears: 12 0/0″
Date: 06/08/2018   Ht: 50″   Girth: 55″   Len: 50″   Wt(Est): 502 lbs. Ears: 12 0/0″

Date: 10/06/2018   Ht: 50.5″   Girth: 55″   Len: 51″   Wt(Est): 512 lbs. Ears: —-“

Donkeys can get too fat really easily, which can cause serious health issues.  I’m learning it is quite a balancing act to determine the right amount of food for them…

Yea, that’s the two of them, with Sand Dollar in your face… 🙂

Starfish! He is just as sweet and gentle as they come! I love the way they can directionally point their ears… 🙂

Down East Christmas Parade and Beaufort 4th of July Parade, here we come! Of course, it will probably be 2019 before Starfish and Sand Dollar are old enough to pull this with a load of kids…

Starfish’s and Sand Dollar’s Sire (Father). He is quite an excellent looking young Jack!  Starfish and Sand Dollar had different mothers…

As a little history lesson, the American Mammoth Jackstock was developed beginning in the earliest days of the United States, and it has been an integral part of American agricultural history. George Washington was one of the leading agricultural innovators of his day. The primary function of American Mammoth Jackstock has always been to produce draft mules.  The American Mammoth Jackstock is found in the United States, with a small population in Canada. Within the breed, very few of the historic-type black Mammoth Jacks remain, and conservation of these strains is a priority for the breed.

Breed Facts


Mule production from jacks, driving, riding, livestock guardians

Adult Weight:
900 – 1200 lbs


Experience Level:
Novice – Intermediate

Dedicated to owner

Source: The Livestock Conservancy