Duck Eggs

Fresh Ready-to-Eat Duck Eggs

Price:  $6.00 per 1/2 Dozen

Our Duck Eggs are typically sold at the Olde Beaufort Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings.  Please text us (252-714-6858) or utilize our Order Form on our Ready-to-Cook menu item to ensure we are exhibiting the weekend you are planning to pick-up eggs.

Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, with a larger yolk-to-white ratio that makes them ideal for baked goods. Golden in color and rich in flavor, baked goods made with duck eggs tend to be moist and fluffy, rise better, and hold their shape well.   Reference: 

Eggs for Hatching

Our Duck Eggs for Hatching may be available now for Muscovies. If they are the price will be ($24.00 / dozen for Muscovy eggs). Ancona/Pekin/Gray Call eggs are not available now.

If we have any Pilgrim Goose eggs available for hatching (not likely), they will be $7.50/each (2 for $15). Embden Goose eggs are not available now.